iPhone 8 Specs, Camera, Display – What We Know Till Now

Apple iPhone 8: iPhone 7 is yet to be released, and the mobile experts and Gurus have started forecasting what is going to be in the next generation iPhone. According to some reliable sources, iPhone 7 is going to release on the 2nd week of September this year, and we are going to see the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, and you can expect surprises which the makers of the flagship device will unveil on the same day.

But did you ever thought what is going to feature in iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus which are going to release in 2017? Can you just imagine which technology is going to be trending in 2018? Today in this article you are going to know or get the preview of what is going to be the feature in the iPhone 8 and iPhone Plus. So, keep reading.

iPhone 8 Specs, Camera, Display – What We Know Till Now:

It is to be noted that in 2018, iPhone is going to turn 10 years and Apple has some surprising plans for it, this is another reason why people have started the early speculations so early. There are rumors going on about in 2018 Apple is going to announce three variations of the iPhone- iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone Pro for the first time.

Apple iPhone 8 Design and Display:

Design wise iPhone in 2018 is going to have some major changes. If you believe in some rumors, iPhone 8 is going to have Edge to Edge display. Regarding screen size, it is also going to be larger than the current iPhone. Currently, iPhone 6 has a 5.5 inch and 4.7 inches screen size in two variants. In 2018, it is also expected that the growing popularity of Phablets Apple may follow the trend we can expect a 6 inch or 6.2 inches big iPhone 8 in 2018. Along with Retina Display, this time, Apple may use OLED display along with the Gorilla Glass protection. What to expect more? It might also come with an Eye scanner along with the fingerprint scanner. Isn’t it really cool?


The entire iPhone series is popular for their brilliant camera performance which beats the competition easily. Instead of increasing the megapixels, Apple has always focused on quality. What we can expect in 2018 is, 12-16 Megapixel camera supported by Auto focus, 4K display, Live Photo and much more. For selfie, we can expect a

In the camera section, in 2018 we might see 3D camera featured in the iPhone and 360-degree video function too, YES we cannot ignore the growing popularity of VR headsets nowadays.


Apple iPhone series comes with new processors every year we can expect A11 processor along with 4GB RAM in the iPhone 8 smartphone.

iPhone 8 Release Date:

Apple has a trend to release iPhone’s in the month of September every year. In fact, this year Apple is going to release iPhone 7 on 12th September So, we can expect that like the earlier models the next generation iPhone 8 is going to release in September 2017.

Other features:

Apart from the features mentioned above, Apple iPhone 8 might come with some unique features like,

  • Pressure-sensitive screen
  • Wireless charging
  • Solar charging
  • Dual display etc.

So, we hope you have learned so many things about the iPhone 8 smartphone which is still one year away from its release. Now what we can do is only wait and see the iPhone 7 release and have an idea what is going to be in the

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